A letter from the Activist Coalition:

The problems outlined on this website are not, by any means, unique to UC. Most colleges around the US are participating in chronic development projects, overspending on athletics, and an overall loss of focus on the academic mission.

These practices are also not entirely UC’s fault. State funding has remained stagnant since the 2008 recession. Athletics is an arms race that seems impossible not to participate in.

Meanwhile, the symptoms that occur at UC and other universities are taking place in other systems on all scales (corporations, governments, countries, etc). Administrative bloat, focus on revenue generating projects, and exploitation of adjuncts and low wage workers can take shape in enumerable ways and perpetuate many of the injustices that our groups within the Activist Coalition are working to eliminate.

The Coalition asks you to recognize these patterns here at UC, and in every other system you support, work for, live under- then take action to shape them!