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The Activist Coalition.

Boldly Bankrupt is a project by the UC Activist Coalition, a community of progressive organizations on UC's campus fighting for local justice.

For inquiries on joining the coalition or concerns, contact one of the organizations listed.

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Save Ohio Higher Ed

Mission Statement.

The UC Activist Coalition is an organization of various student-led advocacy groups who recognize universities nationally are prioritizing profits over education and equity: a symptom of an increasing overrepresentation of the financial sector in non-business institutions. The AC seeks to gain 1. financial transparency in order to empower current and future advocacy efforts, and 2. accountability, to ensure genuine influence for students, instructors, and other community members.

Formed in May 2020, Save Ohio Higher Ed (SOHE) is a coalition of AAUP faculty and students in Ohio. SOHE seeks to protect higher education as a public, accessible, and equitable good in solidarity with parents, other workers, and our community.

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And join us Friday, Sept. 4th 3pm for Where Does Our Tuition Money Go? Students Speak out. Register here to get the zoom link. 

Fossil Free UC is a divestment campaign to get UC to both financially and socially divest (or remove all ties and investments) from the heavy-polluting fossil fuel industry. Currently, UC has at least 44 million of its endowment invested in fossil fuels.


They believe in amplifying their voices through collective action in order to make a larger impact as the world faces climate catastrophe. 

Sign their petition to end UC’s investments in the fossil fuel industry!


The Roosevelt Network trains, develops, and supports emerging progressive policymakers, researchers, and advocates across the US, focusing on communities historically denied political power. 

Found on campuses and in cities across nearly 40 states nationwide, the network is built on the principle that changing who writes the rules can help fulfill the ideals of American democracy and build true public power. The network supports student-led, scalable policy campaigns that fight for the equitable provision, distribution, and accessibility of public goods at the campus, local, and state levels. 

Free the Slaves UC is a student chapter of the international nonprofit Free the Slaves, which works all over the world to eradicate modern-day slavery and rescue victims of human trafficking. As a student chapter, they fundraise for the parent organization and facilitate educational events on campus. They strive to educate the UC community on issues related to modern-day slavery while attempting to raise awareness about how these problems manifest globally and locally, as well as encourage students to get involved with anti-slavery efforts throughout Cincinnati.



The Sustainable Industrial Design Initiative is a student-centered effort to instill the values of circular design and implement circular strategies in the Industrial Design program at DAAP. We seek to educate and inspire designers to develop sustainable and innovative solutions in their design work.​

Students for Survivors (SFS) is a student-led movement dedicating to supporting survivors of sexual assault at the University of Cincinnati. SFS focuses on advocating for survivors' rights on campus, providing survivor-centric support, leading survivor-centric initiatives, and holding UC accountable for its complacency in rape culture and all forms of oppression.

Survivors: We believe you, we support you, and we will uphold your truth.



The Sustainable Fashion Initiative is a passionate group of students who believe in working towards a circular zero waste system in DAAP’s fashion design program.


They believe that people are responsible for the waste they produce and aim to educate others on the wastefulness of the fashion industry, provide sustainable alternatives for students, volunteer in on and off campus at events, and work collaboratively with other organizations.


UC Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) is the University of Cincinnati's youth chapter of the national organization Democratic Socialists of America.


They are a campus group dedicated to advocating for UC students and faculty through collective action and grassroots organizing.


The SAID Lobby is a coalition of architecture and interior design students dedicated to educating, organizing, and taking action. Our mission is to create a student-led initiative that challenges the inequities of architecture/interior design culture at the university level while pushing for a radical transformation of the way our students are educated.


Our Demands.



1. Access to information

  • Semesterly public town halls with the Board of Trustees

  • Full disclosure of UC's investments, donations, and spending to all students and faculty

  • Full recordings and meeting minutes of all Board of Trustees meetings

  • An overall relationship of open access, transparency, and participation with students and faculty

2. Student and faculty representation

  • Voting power for all student members on the Board of Trustees

  • Student elections and weekly office hours for these student representatives

  • Faculty Senate representative with voting power on the Board of Trustees

  • Admission of all above representatives to Board of Trustees' private sessions


Budget and Spending Reform

1. University budget/PBB

  • End rolling administrative debt for all colleges

  • Implement the 51% policy from the AAUP: https://youtu.be/l-m6pHWrW1k

  • Direct student and faculty participation in drafting UC's budgeting model

2. Athletics

  • End paying for the athletics subsidy with student’s tuition

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Divest from fossil fuels, private prisons, and other unethical industries


Student and Faculty Rights


1. Funding for student resources

  • Adequate funding and staffing of the following student services:

    • Bearcat Pantry

    • CAPS

    • Women's Center

    • LGBTQ Center

    • Ethnic Programs and Services

    • Title IX

    • Disability Services

2. Adjunct rights

  • A paid, full-time position that serves as the point of contact for adjuncts in the central administration, for consistent and widely-known policy on adjuncts and resources for them.

3. Graduate student rights

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