Adjuncts are part-time professors. Most have similar credentials, however, as tenured faculty: they can be PhD holders, published authors, or have decades of experience teaching. As of 2017, they made up 43.97% of faculty [1].

Trying to make a living wage as an adjunct is extremely challenging. Adjuncts at UC cannot instruct more than five classes, so they often work at multiple universities. A professor must teach at least six classes to receive full-time benefits [2].

Considering class time, course preparation, as well as time traveling between universities like NKU, Dayton, Ohio State- adjuncts are not being compensated fairly for the quality education they deliver.

Arts & Sciences adjuncts have not received a base pay raise since 2003 [3]. For colleges like A&S that are in debt to the university, hiring adjuncts is a cost-cutting measure.


Job security is also nonexistent for part-time faculty. An adjunct can teach at UC for multiple years and simply not receive a call back for the next school year. They are not allowed to unionize.


A common issue adjuncts face at UC is communication and inclusion in administrative affairs in their department, at their college, or on administration. There is no one central office at UC for adjunct affairs, and few consistent standards exist across all colleges. A promotion is the only way adjuncts receive raises [4].


Some adjunct positions are unique to their college, like CCM music tutors and engineering researchers. While this makes consistency sometimes challenging-- this is no excuse for a lack of transparency and resources on the university's part. The university should be supporting and prioritizing fair compensation for adjuncts across all colleges.


A survey administered to adjuncts by the faculty senate in 2015 is particularly revealing. While promotions are one such standard that does exist across colleges, and is the only way an adjunct can receive a raise, 88.89% of respondents had never even been told by their boss that they are eligible [5]. It is crucial that UC not only compensates adjuncts fairly, but creates a transparent resource to communicate them.

Adjunct pay differs depending on the college.

This table shows pay per 3-credit-hour class [6].

Survey done by faculty senate in 2015 [5].