Our school is spending too much money.

New buildings, corporate partnerships, and a $30 million athletics subsidy are making our administrators rich, while students and faculty are being left in the dust. 

Financialization at UC

Financialization is when institutions like the University of Cincinnati focus more on profit than they do on education. At UC, that means cutting long-term investments in students and faculty and putting money towards short-term profits from projects like new buildings, flashy marketing initiatives, and high-risk, high-reward investing.

When our administrators only look at the bottom line, we don't prioritize student and faculty to resources essential to UC simply because they fail to make a profit. This kind of thinking is what leaves our colleges broke, our professors underpaid, and CAPS underfunded.

How did we get here?

Decisions like these are made when students and faculty aren't at the bargaining table. Our Board of Trustees, the people in charge of running our university, are unelected. All representatives are appointed by the Ohio Governor, and of the 9 non-student trustees, only one has any background in education. The two student trustees have no voting power, and Board of Trustees meetings, while public, are held at 8am on Tuesdays, discouraging students from attending. Faculty have fought for years to replace our destructive budgeting model, only for the proposed solution to exacerbate the same issues.