Our Mission Statement.

Our Demands.



1. Access to information

  • Semesterly public town halls with the Board of Trustees

  • Full disclosure of UC's investments, donations, and spending to all students and faculty

  • Full recordings and meeting minutes of all Board of Trustees meetings

  • An overall relationship of open access, transparency, and participation with students and faculty

2. Student and faculty representation

  • Voting power for all student members on the Board of Trustees

  • Student elections and weekly office hours for these student representatives

  • Faculty Senate representative with voting power on the Board of Trustees

  • Admission of all above representatives to Board of Trustees' private sessions


Budget and Spending Reform

1. University budget/PBB

  • End rolling administrative debt for all colleges

  • Implement the 51% policy from the AAUP: https://youtu.be/l-m6pHWrW1k

  • Direct student and faculty participation in drafting UC's budgeting model

2. Athletics

  • End paying for the athletics subsidy with student’s tuition

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Divest from fossil fuels, private prisons, and other unethical industries


Student and Faculty Rights


1. Funding for student resources

  • Adequate funding and staffing of the following student services:

    • Bearcat Pantry

    • CAPS

    • Women's Center

    • LGBTQ Center

    • Ethnic Programs and Services

    • Title IX

    • Disability Services

2. Adjunct rights

  • A paid, full-time position that serves as the point of contact for adjuncts in the central administration, for consistent and widely-known policy on adjuncts and resources for them.

3. Graduate student rights

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