Students and faculty are paying the price for these exploitative practices (literally).

Meanwhile, adjunct professors (part-time faculty) in A&S haven't received a base pay raise since 2003.

Read The News Record's report on the mistreatment of adjuncts at UC.

This continued exploitation is notable because if faculty does not receive adequate compensation and any job security, it worsens the quality of education they're able to provide for students.

  • Adjuncts do not have offices for office hours

  • Most juggle another full-time job during the day (bringing valuable expertise from the professional world) but teach almost as many courses as a regular professor would

In the largest survey of faculty done in years, the AAUP:UC (American Association of University Professors at UC) found that over 3/4 of faculty (75.34%) believe that the current budgeting model provides insufficient resources to their unit.

See graph for survey answers.

Faculty was then asked how much they agreed with the following statement: "The current budgeting model has negatively affected the core academic mission in my unit."

Results showed that over 2/3 of faculty (69.96%) agree with the statement that the current budgeting model has negatively affected the core academic mission while over half (53. 32%) strongly agree.

See graph for survey answers.

Over the years, the number of tenured and tenure track faculty has steadily decreased as the amount of non-tenure track and adjunct faculty has increased significantly.

See graph for faculty demographics.

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