University Contacts

Navigating university bureaucracy isn't easy. Here are the students who are here to represent you. Make sure your voice gets heard and reach out!

The Board of Trustees: Student Representatives

Student trustees have no voting power, but they are some of the only UC students that board members ever speak to. They're appointed by the governor (not by students) to a two-year term.

Abigail Klare

Undergraduate Student Trustee

Term: 2019 - 2021

Christin Godale

Graduate Student Trustee

Term: 2018 - 2020

Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget


The Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB) is the most powerful student group at UC. ​SACUB participates in the University budget planning process as the representative student committee.They're in charge of how student fees are spent, which is how programs like the Women's Center, the LGBTQ+ Center, and Student Government are funded. 

Each member of SACUB is meant to represent specific facets of campus life like the Women's Center, African American students, International students, and sustainability. Find representatives of your cause and reach out!

Student Government


Student government is the "student voice" at UC. They make recommendations to the administration on behalf of the student body and are in charge of most student organizations on campus.


Most positions are elected via a student body vote and the rest are appointed by the Executive officers. Find a full roster for Student Government (including college tribunals) with contact information here.