We need intentional, coordinated activism among students to really change things. Activist Coalition was created to make this possible! Offer an hour of your week to the cause by:


  • Joining an advocacy group on campus that is close to your heart - check About Us for some ideas!

    • Is your org not in AC yet? DM us on instagram or send us a testimony & ask to join!

  • Joining the Boldly Bankrupt team!  DM us on instagram or send a testimony and tell us about yourself & your interests within the effort

  • Talking about us on social media AND irl! Show our page to your parents, professors, friends, project groups, coworkers- this is complicated stuff, and requires some thoughtful discussion

  • Following our efforts with Save Ohio Higher Ed- see upcoming events here.



If you’re an alumnus looking to donate to the University of Cincinnati, we encourage you to donate to these funds instead to make a lasting impact on the educational purpose of our university and students in need. 

Office of Research


Office of Research Discretionary Fund

Intellectual Property Endowment Fund




Adopt a Book program 


Henry R. Winkler Center


“ efforts are focused on expanding the endowments for a full-time professional archivist and a robust operating and program budget.”


Institute for Policy and Research​​


Institute for Policy and Research

Food Pantry


Food Pantry


1st Generation Student Housing Fund


Housing Fund


Student Life and Resource Centers


Student Life and Resource Centers

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