To be clear, the financial crisis at UC is not a budgeting problem, it is a spending problem.


Although the university has announced the pilot of a new budgeting model for the 2020-21 school year, the same problems are bound to repeat themselves. Without administrative transparency and accountability, irresponsible spending can and will continue under any budgeting model.

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If you’re an alumnus looking to donate to the University of Cincinnati, we encourage you to donate to these funds instead to make a lasting impact on the educational purpose of our university and students in need. 

Office of Research


Office of Research Discretionary Fund

Intellectual Property Endowment Fund




Adopt a Book program 


Henry R. Winkler Center


“ efforts are focused on expanding the endowments for a full-time professional archivist and a robust operating and program budget.”


Institute for Policy and Research​​


Institute for Policy and Research

Food Pantry


Food Pantry


1st Generation Student Housing Fund


Housing Fund


Student Life and Resource Centers


Student Life and Resource Centers

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